Optional Linkable Eyebrow

Tag Display Name

Optional Description for Tag. Tags are a way to add additional metadata to an asset, and can be applied to assets, and be can be its own page that lists associated assets.

Tag 1 Dynamic List
Example Content Published With “Tag 1"
Blog Post 1 Promo Description.

What are Promo Titles, Descriptions and Images? When you create a blog post—or any asset for that matter—Brightspot automatically prepares the text for the asset’s promotion within modules on the site through “promo” overrides. The overrides follow this logic; Promo title is inherited from asset’s title. Promo description is inherited from the subheadline OR if the subheadline is empty, the first paragraph in asset’s body text. Promo image is inherited from asset’s lead image or video.

Think of Promo Overrides as placeholder values. To give full control to your editorial team, you can also override this automatically generated text as needed.
Optional Description for Gallery (aka Photo Gallery)
Listicle Content Type
Live blogs allow multiple editors to log a series of news updates about a developing topic across a given time period. Multiple editors can contribute to a live blog.
Optional Press Release Subheadline