Welcome to the Brightspot Design System
Our extensible Content Type Library and built-in Design System include all of the components needed to build enterprise-class digital experiences, at a fraction of the time and expense of other platforms. Use them as they are, extend them to suit your needs, create your own entirely from scratch – or do some of both, for the ultimate in flexibility

A library of pre-built page, module and component templates provides suggested layouts with flexible content selection and organization. The Design System can be used editorially (“no-code”) to style content — no design or development required at all — or customized via standard “low-code” CSS, JS, and Handlebars extensions.

The Design System may also be used as a starting point for entirely custom designs and professional software projects, serving as a framework to dramatically reduce required development time and expense — providing customers the freedom and flexibility to customize their presentation layer without limitations.
How to use the Brightspot Design System

The Brightspot Design System is powerful and ready to use, however you want to use it — “no code”, “low code” or as a starting point for a fully custom design. However you use it, the Brightspot Design System provides a framework for a dramatically more efficient build process.

Choose layouts, colors, styles, fonts and other Design attributes directly within the Brightspot CMS, no designers or code required at all. Create and launch new content in minutes or hours, not weeks or months.
Extend Brightspot’s Design System with industry-standard, low code CSS, JavaScript, and Handlebars templates to create the specific Presentation Layer you want, without the time and expense you don’t.
Utilize a design team (yours, ours, or anyone else’s) and a create a professional software project for a fully custom presentation layer with no limitations, at a fraction of the time and expense of other platforms.
The Brightspot Content Type Library

Explore Brightspot’s pre-built Content Type Library — save time and expense by using them as they are, extend or customize them to meet your needs, and seamlessly apply your styling and design with the Brightspot Design System.

Explore examples of pre-built “Page” Content Types including Homepage, Section, Search, Tag, Blog, Live Blog, Podcast, Person/Author and more.
Explore examples of pre-built “Asset” Content Types including Article, Gallery, Playlist, Podcast Episode, Product and more.
Explore examples of pre-built “Module” Content Types including Promos, Lists, Forms, Containers, Search Results and more.
Explore dozens of out-of-the-box CMS integrations with the most commonly used third-party solutions needed by digital publishers.