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This is the Body field of an “Article”, aka “Story” or “Post”. The body makes up the primary content of the “Article” content type, which is primarily a “text-based” asset, augmented by numerous multimedia and other “enhancements”.

Article body text can be formatted (Bold, Italics, Underline), made a subscript and superscript or strikethrough, aligned, made into bulleted or numbered lists and anything else you might expect to be able to do with text in a word processor, as well as setting H2, H3, HR and other important attributes.

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Images and videos can be embedded into an article body, as can HTML and Iframes, social media posts, and countless other Brightspot Content Types including Ads, Attachments, Forms, Galleries, Lists, Logos, Persons, Podcast Episodes, Playlists, Promos, Products, Quotes, Stats, and more.

Tables can be pasted in from popular word processing applications, or created and formatted in the Article Rich Text Editor, and Unicode characters are fully supported. Track Changes, Inline Comments, Undo, Redo, and nearly everything you would expect or need to author world class content can be created directly within the Article RTE and/or pasted in from your word processor of choice.

Short Biography: This is an optional field typically used at the bottom of articles this author has written, as well as passed through in dynamic modules (if there was a list module of all Authors, for example).